Monday, January 9, 2012

a ruby wrapper for 'svn switch'

A while ago our local network admins decided static IP numbers were a Bad Thing, causing chaos for me when trying to use a machine as a server for subversion (among other things).

I found myself trying to check changes in subversion repositories back in to the server, only to find that the server was no longer at the IP address from which the source had been checked out. The answer (apart from attacking the network support people) is the svn switch command. This is a multi-purpose tool with lots of options, so I wrote a wrapper to simplify the process of changing the repository's root URL and nothing else. It was also an excuse to learn a bit of ruby, which is way cool.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

    new_server_address= ARGV[0]
    fail "Specify the new server name or IP number" unless new_server_address

    svn_info = %x{svn info}
    fail "'.' is not a working copy" if svn_info == ""

    url_regex ='^URL: (.*$)')
    repository_url = url_regex.match(svn_info)[1].to_s
    fail "Unable to find the URL" unless repository_url

    split_repository_url = repository_url.split('/')
    split_repository_url[2] = new_server_address
    new_repository_url = split_repository_url.join('/')
    puts "Switching from \n#{repository_url} \nto \n#{new_repository_url}"
    puts "Continue? [Y]"
    confirm = STDIN.gets.chomp
    if confirm.upcase == "Y" then
        system("svn switch --relocate #{repository_url} #{new_repository_url}")

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